What Is This Thing Called “Joe?”

Actually, Joe Vissichelli is quite a mutt. Drawing since the age of two, the stage was set for me to be an antsy creative who, well, got into things. Comics were a constant but my ever-doodling ways didn’t crowd out curiosity for other stuff. I became a juvenile accordionist and, not content with my level of “quirky,” joined the cross country team’s gang of misfits in high school, where offbeat humor got me through hard workouts and seriously chop-busting teammates. Driving was always an adventure, with lots of cheap and shaky cars to hold together and survive, though they always did manage to get me to the local pizzerias. And pretty often to college and work.

Art-wise, I strove to be an all-arounder and with degrees in commercial and fine art, that’s what I became. I’ve worked as a graphic designer for printing, publishing and advertising, painted and digitally crafted signs and murals, illustrated people and products, written ads and catalogs, and worked in the comics industry. I do a good professional job at many types of creative endeavors, with equal ease in digital media or handwork in paint, pencils, ink, markers and chalk.

The harmonica? Let’s just say I play with it, rather than actually play.

Who the Heck Has Even Heard of Me?

You’d be surprised! In fact, I’m surprised myself at how word of my
work has gotten around. Click here for a taste of my media coverage.

What About This Caricature Drawing Thing?

Since 1991, my quick caricature art and quick wit have brought “something different” to corporate events, private celebrations and much more. Doing business as Joe’s Caricatures, I’ve created a solid reputation, working every type of event and then some. The “then some” includes my quirky, “artist-in-a-box” video job for Konica Minolta and the Saturday Night Live-MasterCard commercial caricature art. Surprise marriage proposals are also great fun and I’ve evoked 100% “yes” responses for grooms-to-be. Huzzah!

I pride myself on being consummately prepared and professional for every job. For surprise marriage proposals, I add “I can’t screw up” to those factors. They are simply too important to mess up, and I don’t. And besides, they make my Inner Sneak very happy. Ready when you are, Lover Boys and Girls!

Learn more about my caricature work here and here.

Amazing Facts About Occasionally Amazing People

Slide In a second grade decoration of the local train station, the school principal thought my Santa Claus and reindeer were created by the teacher. Slide I've subscribed to Track & Field News for so long, an intuitive "pang" accurately alerts me a day before a new magazine arrives in the mail. Slide I once caricatured 70 Girl Scouts in three hours. Working with another artist, 110 caricatures of sixth graders were drawn in two and a half hours. Slide Among that rarest of kindergartners, I knew my career path from my earliest days of school. It was just me and Hal, the doctor. Slide The grand total cost of my first ten cars was $1090. That same number may also apply to their average driving miles before replacement. Slide I'm an avid applier of natural health principles and have brought about some remarkable health fixes with herbs, diet and other alternative approaches. Book NY Caricature Entertainer

What Other Kinds of Artwork Do I Do?

I’m often asked this question while working at events and it leads me to say, “What do you need?”

I get around, both physically and creatively. I love the mix and the times when the whole variety is in play. Logos, identity, brochures, web sites, illustration, paint work, et al keep life interesting and the common thread is my well-developed sense of what’s right for your unique needs. Click here to learn more. Then drop me a line and let’s talk. I’m not just a cartooner, though that’s sure fun too.