Caricature Art, Graphic Design & Illustration Portfolio

Well before taking the plunge into being a party, special events and marriage proposal caricaturist, I worked in graphic design, illustration and art direction capacities for New York City and Long Island companies. Now working as a seasoned freelancer with an extensive bag of creative tricks, I take on projects that use that range for print and web design, logo and corporate identity work, signs, murals, copywriting, cartooning, caricature and more. Having been at this a long time, I’ve developed an acute sense of what will work best for your needs. In short, my creative skills dress your business for success.

To see my complete art and design portfolios, click the tabs below. To toss around the best approaches to your project needs, contact me today.

To Hire Me for Art & Design Projects

There are three easy ways to make arrangements:

1. Call me today at 516-593-4844

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For events, supply date, time, estimated crowd size (kids/adults), kind of event and location. For all projects, include whatever information you can to explain your needs. If you don’t know and need help, I am here to help you.

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Joe Vissichelli Creates Graphic Design on his Computer