Who in the World is This Caricaturist “Joe?”

Word of my caricature work has gotten around the internet pretty nicely, especially with the coverage of my Konica Minolta Dream Printer video extending to dozens of media sites and outlets around the world. The Saturday Night Live-MasterCard commercial got around as well and I was featured with photographer Laura Pennace in coverage of one of my surprise caricature marriage proposals. Here’s a sampling:

Media Inquiries, Press Kit & More

Caricature work makes good press! The fun and offbeat nature of this uncommon way to make a living and the on-the-spot, personal – and sometimes very touching – stories it generates all make for a great read or interview. Artists always have a lot to say and caricaturists, with a ton of anecdotes up their sleeves from meeting people by the partyloads, are the bomb!

Need me to “detonate” for your blog, cast, station, newspaper, or magazine? Email me with your needs and deadline information and I’ll get in touch right away. You can also call me at 516-593-4844 to move things along even quicker.

Meanwhile, here are some downloadable media kit components to make your life easier as well:

Download my head shot here for high resolution (for print) and here for low resolution (for web).

Download photos of me drawing a caricature here for high-rez (for print) and here for low (for web).

Download my patented, one-of-a-kind, bio as a PDF document here.

Download the Caricature Dreams logo here for high resolution (for print) and here for low (for web).